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of them drive. there are deliveris that happen all day. i don't feel it's the right use of city parking to be giving two of them away for the four hours each week. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is khalifed ramadan. my and a half and i own sunrise deli at 54 2nd street. i signed and allowed expresso subito and gary and his employees to use our restroom. on the overhead, the location, our location is here. his truck is proposed at 84 2nd street. the reason i signed allowing him to use our restroom facility, we support small businesses, all small businesses no matter the shape or the size. and i don't think starbucks really needs our help. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is robin gross. i am an event planner and i'm in and out of downtown all the time. one of the reasons this is of interest to me is that as we know, the lines in the coffee shops as was spoken before are quite long. one of the issues that i wanted to bring up. that my understanding is that the hours of operation for expresso subito is fr
to a place we have 51% renewable generation in the city. that is amazing. we should look at that and wow how they doing that and still competitive with pg&e rates? and i think it's different from the enabling legislation for the contract it's hard to wrap our heads around t i was happy to hear ms. miller to come up with solutions and look at other things and this is a larger program and looking at others to come up with a solution is a great idea but i would like to hear more things like that from lafco. i think it's the role of the agency to serve as the positive, to move the paths between complicated and sometimes opposite opinions and i know it's challenging and we need to rely on puc for experts on the program but there is value what we're paying local power to do and i think it's a way to get beyond the arguments this is just doubling the rates. this say program for people that can afford to pay the premium cost. the work is innovative and i am start to appreciate looking at other national models. they're really in the forefront of what is going on and co-generation facilities an
december the mta board this directed the staff to pursue this pagoda option. appreciate the work that city attorney and other city officials and the property owner have been working hard to make this option a reality. we do need to stay in a tight timeline driven by the mta's need to have extraction boxes ready in north beach when the tunnel boring arrives. if we don't get those negotiations done and move forward on these approvals in a timely manner this option will not be possible. that's why i request that. we do have the answers i believe to all the questions raised by commissioners sugaya and moore. is commissioner antonini stated the addendum was done and was thoroughly the seir and seis, the technical issues raised by i could say in all honesty a red herring. de-watering and water is a typical issue that has to be dealt with in any urban environment. the same engineering solution will be pursued in this location, using the location of the station and with a tunnel boring machine goes underground under -- and south of market neighborhood. that is my request. thank you.
meetings about that. then somehow it became that the city was going to buy them. he never explained why they were going to change. and then more recently it has come out that the vendor is supposed to buy them, but the city is giving the money to the vendor to do that. and a lot of the dispute that is now going on has to do with the disposition of these boring machines. somehow it was suggested that the pagoda palace on palace street which has been an eyesore for sometime was the right site to take the machines out since there was considerable objection to taking them out at union square. and the city was forced -- the subway was forced to do some research into it and we were offered five options at a meeting back in november. and they had been studied and there was a vote towards the end of the meeting, a show of hands. more than half of the people present voted that they wanted the machines extracted in chinatown. subsequently research has shown that that was the initial plan all along to extract them in chinatown. but somehow it was decided it would disturb the community. the city de
twos coffee vendors. subito admitted major disclosures and misled the city. the mobile food facility says the permit is valid om if the applicant has not misrepresented facts. >> jim patrick -- three things the bathroom, parking and side door on the truck. the bathroom has not been approved by the owner of the building as specifically sets out in the regulations in the law. the bathroom is not 200' from where the truck is. in fact, it's about a block and a half. you have to go half a block across the street and north half a block and up the stairs and back in the mezzanine and i viewed it today and i can tell you it's quite a ways. and there is no handicap path of travel to the bathroom, which is required. no way can the customers use it or the employees use it. no. 2 is parking. it's taking the last two spaces in this whole large two and a half block area of downtown. no parking. we need parking for customers. we don't need parking for coffee. no. 3 the side door, when you open the side door it will take 60% of the sidewalk. it's right in front of a restaurant. when the restaura
cities in san francisco with a ratio of between renters and homeowners. i do know that there has been a significant change over the past few years. it has been fairly consistent. >> president fong: commissioner sugaya. >> commissioner sugaya: could you repeat the statistic you gave commissioner antonini. >>: the average was 195 a year. since 2008. the number that supervisor kim was talking about at the hearing she reported as being in the last 10 years, this number comes from dwp from 2008. >>: that includes not only the lottery conversions but all the ones she was mentioning? >>: let me check again i believe so. two unit bypass, not new construction. >> president fong: any further questions? thank you. >>: thank you. >>: good afternoon commissioners, tim fry, department staff to present to you a summary of yesterday stored reservation commission hearing. the commission began with president kroger appointing the members to the architecture review committee which is a subcommittee of the hpc focused on design review for landmark properties. president dan kroger appointed himself as
28 years' experience as being a city employee with the city and county of san francisco, as a health inspector. regarding penalties for violations, we have a number of violations that we look for, and we fine people or suspend permits. most common violations are practitioners without proper attire, practitioners that don't have licenses and for violations of employeing unlicensed practitioners. those violations usually incur a fine of maybe $1,000 at the first offense and goes all the way up to $5,000 for the third repeat offense. in the two-year period, we keep track of those violations and when we find them, we bring them to the hearing, and appropriately request those penalties. in the case of illegal activities such as prostitution, the fines are a little more stringent and it gives us the opportunity to suspend or revoke permits, if there is prosecution. i'm here to answer questions >> my question is how often are suspensions given for these? >> probably in the last year or so, this is the first one we have suspended this year. we have closed a lot of facilities for operatin
to our new supervisors and welcome to city hall. i would like to echo commissioner sugaya's comments to you. i'm [speaker not understood] and urban architect in the city of san francisco and i do serve with commissioner matsuda on the subcommittee of the historic preservation and planning commission for the search of replacing the commission secretary. it is from that perspective that i observe her as a broad minded, open and totally independent thinker. i see her as strategic and extremely well suited as a commissioner where it is important to think independently, yet act in concert with others. it is for those very reasons that i consider her strength remarkable and recommend you to her for reappointment. thank you. >> thank you. are there any other public comment? >>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is bob amagucci. i'm the executive director of the japantown task force and a board member of the san francisco japantown foundation, on which board diane also serves. i've known diane and worked with her for many, many years and have tremendous respect for her dedication to the
hearing at city hall. and outreach to the neighbors of any particular venue. before i focus on the planning part i will focus on the other departments going back to the health and safety purpose of the whole process. who want to be safe, the food, fire hazards, occupancy. all the inspections that building, electrical, fire, all are pass/fail. if there is something to have to correct they must correct it before they get a permit. to propose specific things the commission can accept or demand. the planning role starts from the very beginning. i will switch to be overhead. you have this on your desk. you don't have to look at the screen. so, this map of san francisco shows where place of entertainment permits are allowed. beiged areas are not allowed. because the map is the way does the first thing we tell the people is to leave and go to planning. we used to ask them to call. we now have a special form. the process is expensive and long. we don't want to make someone go through it only to learn later that they can't do what they want to do or there are constrains they
from a lot of different people about noise in the city. there are at least three different supervisor offices we're working with now because it can be loud with this many people living in such a small area. i know it comes in all sorts and people make it all sorts of different ways. the street music or street performance front, i should say that we sympathize with people who are disturbed by it. it's understandable that it's frustrating to have to go through your work there, your home life and hear lots and lots of loud noise all day. but from the government perspective which is who we are, unless someone is breaking the law there is very little that the government can do to stop people from talking or singing or performing. the main -- >> what about playing drums? >> the main tour we have right now is the noise level. you are allowed to have free speech. you're not allowed to have it any volume you want. that's the main constraint right now. and as far as entertainment commission is concerned, amplified sound is something that's within our jurisdiction. >> and when you suggest somebo
francisco, you cannot take advantage of the city contracting you for your active duty military years. well, i served and fought right along with san francisco marines and i would like to see that changed. i'm probably the only veteran in the city to say that, but i'm saying that because it not only serves up the veteran right that served on active duty, but it also helps the city by moving people along. i served active duty for three years. that would move me out of the system. and i'd like to move along and retire so that i can devote more time to helping veterans because i can see where there's a lot of need and a lot of areas where veterans can be helped, particularly in the areas of employment. when i was at the community center, i put a lot of people to work in construction and i privately made veterans a priority when i was putting them in the construction apprenticeship programs because i remembered myself being homeless. so, i said -- when i would look at the he application, i said, okay, this person is a veteran. so, i'm going to just make them a priority for the next
developing san francisco as the city of innovation and a wonderful partner and friend to ucsf, mayor lee? >> thank you, just briefly the history is worth repeating, is what our lieutenant governor has always said. i need to remind people what i was doing at that time. i was the little dpw director when gaven became mayor and we were still doing that we brought it out to make sure that we did right, in addition to the payroll tax exemption, we are also creating infrastructure at that time. we are working with the developers to make sure that the infrastructure of mission bay was going to meet the standards that uc san francisco and the bio tech industry was saying in order to come here. it wasn't just one thing alone, it was a combination of many things. and investing in infrastructure at mission bay was an enormous task. something that we had to do, public, privately because we did not have all of the money and we had to get rid of one of my favorite institutions the golfing range. as i was talking with former governor gray davis it was worth giving up. it was something ha we did right i
would take note to assistant city attorney, subsequent to the oral statement this was cleared by the city attorney's office i filed a formal request with the city attorney and they are not in compliance with foya in terms of responding to my request. i conclude that this is a decision which i object to and i object to with all due respect, commissioner honda, to your participation in this decision. because indeed, zephyr realty is involved. >> thank you, mr. sanchez. >> thank you, scott sanchez, planning department. i will be brief and wanted to note we reviewed the most community revised plans were submitted to the board of appeals on january 10, 2013. the date on the revision set is january 7th,2013 and these comply with the planning code and i'm available. >> i'm sorry they do comply? >> they do comply. that is correct. thank you. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, commissioners, the matter is submitted. commissioner i reviewed the drawings and they reflect what i remember of the proposed changes at that point in time and i'm prepared to move to uphold the pe
a return on investment. it is a project to beautify this area the city. we have residential units going up everywhere. this vitalizes the area. with people living here it brings new life to the city in this corridor. it really needs to grow and change; this is part of that, to bring residents' ability to live and work here, and be around this area. it is something that we need to continue to foster. an office building at this area has left; aaa dispersed the satellite offices throughout. nabf is proud to pick up this building and transform this on something more useful for the city. we hope that you move this project forward. thank you. >> president fong: anymore public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner borden: all the paperwork that you provided us, i think what might be helpful for the future, having a lot of people maybe we can get in advance; it may be helpful to show the financial differential between the 12 percent and 15 percent so we have visualization in our minds what financially that means. in general we have always had this conversation about
by the city that includes the health department where a sound limit is established. you cannot violate the sound code and on to pof that no sound can be leaking from the building. we have two big tools, 2900 from the mpc, the sound ordinaance, and we have our own ordinance. then you cannot leak sound. that venue have to control or mitigate their sond. >> commissioner borden: other different sound thresholds? >>: what you are talking about is base ambient sound. if you go down to market and venice -- that is always loud. if you go to an intersection at 2 a.m. ambient is good to be different than five p.m.. one of the reasons why we like to test during the day is that believe it or not it is closer to ambient sound at night than at 5 p.m. >>: item a4 2012.0822 1865 post street, request for conditional use authorization. >>: my name is christina moreno planning department staff. the item is a request for a conditional use authorization at the property on one eight six five post street. approximately 5000 square feet. the project would have live amplified music. the project sponsor was
or create some sort of registry or something, but from the perspective of the city attorney's office who can speak for themselves if they were here, but they expressed it is very difficult to write a regulation that captures all of the bad behavior and regulates it without affecting the first amendment. i mean, and we're not -- >> right. >> we're not immune to this either at city hall. there's plenty of free speech all the time, whether it's the chanting or the taxi drivers who circle the building for five or six hours a time honking their horns. it's people speaking their mind so we just have to be careful about how we tell people to shut up. >> so, do we iterate, just so i'm clear, as long as someone is not amplified and not blocking the streets, they are within their rights to do this? >> and our other laws that might -- i thought the art commission does some kind of permitting for performers. >> no. >> i don't know. no? >> there's a lot of different property owners in san francisco. so, the parks department might be a little permit concert on parks land. the port might be a little permit
by all departments of the city. and this is a really egregious, i think is the word, bordering on arbitrary. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment? >> anybody else? thank you. >> thank you. i'm jim patrick with patrick and company of we have a store which is very close to 79 new montgomery street, probably 150'. i don't know 200'. we were not notified and the first thing i heard about this is when i saw it on the agenda when i got here. what is going on with the notification? it just seems like it just doesn't exist. thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. kwong, anything further? commissioners the matter is submitted. >> i am inclined to deny the appeal, uphold -- i'm sorry, deny the appeal, and strike the permit. uphold the department. sorry. based on what was presented. >> i agree. are you making that a motion? >> yes. >> i will second that motion. >> the motion then to deny the appeal and uphold the department? >> yes. >> so on that motion from the president to deny this appeal, up hold the denial. and it was on the basis of the testimony presented? >> o
are allowed because, as an exception to the city's environmental clean air policy because we're public safety. so, you know, the need is great and i believe there is a recognition of that from the mayor's office. however, we're just hoping that we can push that priority this year. it is an unfunded liability. obviously we have a five-year replacement schedule that we're looking at implementing with the mayor's office. it's quite detailed, and it really articulates well our need for new cars. and i think if you talk to any of our officers, none of them would dispute that. and, so, i know that was pretty fast and furious, but you know, we're open for any questions now or later. >> great. you just heard dr. marshall, this has been an incredible presentation. thank you. it's right to the point. it has the exact numbers. it's excellent. so, thank you very much. with reference to the fleet, i see that, 350 of our cars are 12 years or older? >> that's correct. >> and the rule is were they nonemergency vehicles, we wouldn't be allowed to use them by the current code. so there is an exception in the c
years, enforcing labor standards in san francisco, as city worker, and before that for private unions. i know that mike has a very deep appreciation of the men and women who built the bridge and of those that continue to maintain and preserve this national landmark. i think that alex expressed to you that we represent many of those workers that are working right now to rebuild the bridge and make it seismically standard. he has been a very excellent representative on this board and we urge you to approve his reappointment. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, any thoughts? there's four members are applying for the four positions. supervisor breed. >> thank you. i think we're really fortunate to have such a diverse and very capable group of individuals to serve on the -- this particular golden gate bridge transportation authority. i'm really happy to move all names forward to the full board for consideration to support. >> i second that. >> second? we'll take this without objection. >> can i recommend that you appoint to the
notice to the entire city. also in a due process case, the issue is whether an individual is going to be deprived of the an interest in life, liberty or property. none ever those are the case here. they are coming here and telling you there is an issue with due process. they are not provided anybody who is arguing that. they did that last time when they thought royal exchange was a problem, but they haven't this time. so the same issue is the 300' walking distance. that doesn't change no matter where the due process -- the notice is coming from. again, we have done everything right. we have done everything in good faith and consistent with city policy up to this point and radius service policy and dpw policy and we request that you issue the permit. >> thank you. before you sit down, one thing that you are speaking very quickly and i recognize that you are short on time here? >> i'm sorry. >> the first argument set out by counsel for the appellants relates to the language in the code regarding assessor's block and block face. and you ran through that. your response very quick
commission -- >>> bayview opera house? >> yes. >>> that's for the bayview. >> no, this is for the entire city. we have had meetings around the city. do you want to hear -- do you want to hear what i have to say or not? okay. so, we will be having the third meeting on february 11th at the bayview opera house. we've had two previous meetings on subject. we'd love to have your comments heard there. just as you attended the meeting, i believe you said on january 22nd. so, we'd love to have your comments there if you could come, please. >>> [inaudible]. >> well, please call the commission house for that information, okay? >>> march 25th at [inaudible]. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >>> commissioners, ray stryker, [speaker not understood]. andrew carnegie said as i get older i pay less attention to what men say. i just watch what they do. i've been coming here several years now and i listen to what you say and i watch what you do. president mazzucco is very, very fond of telling me that i don't control the agenda. he's right, he does. he can arrange the agenda, have it distrib
of the chief during the return to duty presentation and then sometimes the city attorney will caution us not to ask certain questions. and the reason why, it was explained to me and i got it, is that the powerpoint that is shown to us isn't necessarily what the chief saw and was basing his decision on when he approved or disapproved of the return to duty panel's recommendations. and that's part of why when we ask questions related to the powerpoint and not really to what the chief looked at, we're not doing things the right way. so, a part of this presentation was to figure out what does the panel look at and what is given to the chief versus what we see so that we are asking the right questions and we know the zone of questions to ask when we're given those powerpoint presentations so it's not the confusing thing to us. >> really, the powerpoint forms the basis of documents that are in there. again, the order -- 81 1 says the purpose is to determine whether it is appropriate to return the officer to duty. but it is avenue obviously very early in the investigation. so, the facts that ar
the scoping of the task force that he announced at the state of the city address and hopeful that we can bring the necessary funding to implement the recommendations that came out of the bike strategy into that process. but i don't think we'll have real tangible results from that probably till later in the year. so, happy to bring back kind of an update in a couple months. i don't know that we're going to have a lot substantive between now and then to be able to report on. the message from the board and from the public is very clear. >> thank you [speaker not understood]. >> thank you. >> other members of the board have new or unfinished business? seeing none, [speaker not understood]. >> the director's report. >> good afternoon, mr. rifkin. >> good afternoon, mr. chair, members of the board. staff and members of the public. just a follow-up thanks for the feedback on the workshop. and i would just add from those in the public who were not able to attend that there was a lot of good information that was provided both a number of different slide presentations as well as the draft of the bicycle
. at&t is seeking your approval to install 12 panel antennas. under the city's wireless guidelines located at octavia and lombard. with the america's cup anticipated traffic in that area. we have experienced exceptional growth, upwards of --. one thing will learn about the super bowl, traffic surged 80 percent over last year. between 8-9 p.m. when the lights went out, our customers used 78 gigabytes of data inside the superdome equivalent to 234 social media messages or 10 days of streaming video. 73,000 voice calls made. it is clear that our world is changing. we have increased growth on our networks day in and day out. we are upgrading our network as you know everyday in the city and around our territory to account for those customer needs. we look for your support in approval of the site. i want to thank department staff and michelle for their time and energy spent on the site. thank you. >> commissioner wu: let's open up for public comment. ms. duffy? >>: my name is joy duffy, i lived in arena and -- area for over 50 ye in. arsi find that the number of antennas seems to be e
contributing to the drug trade or illegal activity in the city. i'm no longer wasting city resources because of my drunkenness and disorderly conduct in public. the build out could only make the ccc a more attractive and better place to seek recovery. thank you. >> thank you. good evening commissioners, my name is mike [skhao-eur/] and chairman of the advisory club. i would like the commissioners to notice in the plan as the country club is going to be redone, we're actually losing space in the renovation and we have talked about this. we're still in support of the plans as they are submitted about the conditional use and alteration of the hours, but we're still very much in support of the proposal by the architects. thank you. >> hi my name is gary mccoy. i want to say as somebody going to the castro country club for quite a while now, it's been very important in my recovery to go back and meet with my sponsor and enjoy solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the street and the front. now that we don't have that as an option, thank goodness we have somebody that bought the building.
's not only just for bayview. so, anyone from around the city is invited to attend. so, it will be from 6:00 to 8:00 on monday, february 11th. >> great, thank you. you i want to thank all the commissioners who are attending the chief's meetings on this issue and it's great. commissioner de jesus. >> i've been getting calls from the community * . and one of the things i am very concerned about the tasers, my understanding is we have a committee set up, i believe there are three commissioners who are attending, and i've been told if i attend it's going to be a quorum. that's the reason i haven't been to these meetings, everybody who is listening. and i appreciate that. i appreciate your reporting back to us at some of the committee members [speaker not understood]. i have heard a lot of people are not very happy with the tasers, though. i'd like to be there to see that. that's what i'm getting back -- [multiple voices] >> we had talked about that. if i could switch out it would be nice. i had not been there, there is a reason i'm not there, but i am getting calls and people are concerned. a
in the city of san francisco last 40 years; prior to the entertainment commission being established and met with -- and had an understanding how to allow entertainment without disturbing neighbors. we developed a win-win scenario. it has been carried forward, and that is following the process. one, the place of entertainment does as much soundproofing as is warranted and affordable. some of the clubs in san francisco as you know have done enormous levels of soundproofing and other clubs have done slight levels. depending on the kind of entertainment music and the time of day, the operation of the club will control the noise emissions and not bother the neighbors. it is a step one, step two process. in my role in this project i was asked to review the acoustical report written by mr. bellini who testified a while ago. in his report i believe he made a mistake. it is important that you understand that in my professional opinion the way i understand this report it should not be relied on because i believe it is flawed. i would be glad to go into detail about the flaw. on page 3 for exampl
that request to fill that vacancy through the city's process and i understand that we're awaiting word from the mayor's committee that releases request for filling such vacancies so it's pending. >> and do you know what the process for that determination is? and how long are we talking about? and is there a specific concern that maybe keeping it from moving forward? >> i'm not aware of a specific concern having been expressed about frankly i'm not in the conversations directly. the public utilities commission and my group in particular has a number of vacancies that are in a similar movement through the process, so it's difficult to sort of read the tea leaves how soon that position might be released. concern about the fact that the vacancy remains a vacancy was expressed at our commission meeting on tuesday and our commissioners shared the concern, and i understand that's being communicated to the committee that do that as well. >> i appreciate that and i understand it's not in your control for that issue but if i can ask whether there is anything we can do to expedite that process and
streets. and no. 5, it will operate between 8-10 job openings for city residents. the recommendation for approval of the legalization of the costa country club on the 2nd floor activityity area. no. 1, it's a clean and safe place for lgbt people in recovery from drugs and alcohol. and has established a history of historical recognition for almost 30 years at the project site, among the community. second, although the legalization of the country club is a result of the converging of a residential unit, but the previous residential unit contains only two bedrooms and was not really a family-sized unit and it's not presently part of the city's housing stock. no. 3, the outdoor activity area on the 2nd floor as shown in the plans have been designed to minimize noise and privacy impacts to adjacent residential units. and the last, it is is well-served by public transit and should have a negligible impact upon the current traffic pattern or the surrounding streets. for both of the alternate designs, the project sponsor has met with the two neighbors at the original hearing who had concerns
. there's no double pane windows. stuff like that. [speaker not understood] doing their job, the city follow the same protocol you do everywhere else. everybody wants to see it thriving, cultural aspect. it's been there for a long time. you know, people like to go see shows there, so. >> thank you. >>> i just want to say we have no problem with the regular program as it happens during the week. the problem is the [inaudible]. i think they're operating without a permit which is disturbing because we've been putting up with some really very poor choices as far as who they're renting to with no security, no [inaudible] awareness at all. as far as what the impact is on the neighborhood. we've written a lot of letters. there's many people that were not here tonight because they were told there was a continuance. so, it's a big issue for the neighbors of potrero hill. thank you. [inaudible]. >> someone has a clipboard. >> okay, sir. >>> i was looking for the clipboard to -- >> the clipboard is down there. it's going around. >>> it would be great to be able to come back and know [speaker not
businesses throughout the city so that they can partake in that. and then the planning commission is to talk to them i think in general about our process again. there's new planning commissioners all the time. it's not necessarily clear when they are doing cus and conditions on entertainment cu's but they understand what we do in our process. so, we'll take the opportunity to review that with all of the planning commissioners and hopefully inform them as they go forward about the kinds of conditions we're looking for. if those cu conditions stay with property, it is really important they understand what they're doing there. so, that's the seventh, which is soon, thursday. and [speaker not understood] date for the safety summit of may 13th at this point. i haven't done any widespread advertising of that date. so, if there is any commissioners have any concerns around that date, it's a monday, as always, let me know soon. otherwise we'll probably proceed and do it at the library as we've done in the past and work on our, you know, panel of speakers and see if we can't hammer out some new or in
to the city and to the neighborhood, and the city of san francisco has demonstrated its support with assistance from the general fund, mayor's office work force development and san francisco grants for the arts program. all the support has investing in physical renovation of the space [speaker not understood] which include youth programs that serve primarily low-income youth from different neighborhoods including the mission, the bayview and excelsior neighborhoods. the space supports availability of community groups, focuses on art [speaker not understood], and serves about 8,000 people per year. sfpd mission station supports [speaker not understood]. and now we'll hear from the applicant. >>> hi, my name is anastacia powers cuellar. i am the executive director for brava women and the arts and we own the theater center and we operate it. we have about 150 events a year. they are usually on the weekend from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. we do have a liquor license. we do serve alcoholic beverages, generally beer and wine for about a half hour before a performance and about 15 minutes durin
to be prohibited. those orders have either expired or been withdrawn. some people have moved out of the city, in fact, one of our people that we contacted was a person that had been 51 50'd and had a firearm. we called to ask about the firearm. the person lived in marin. said he had the firearm. they went to marin. that person had 71 guns in his residence that are now property for safekeeping with the department of justice until his mental health condition is five years old. and the misdemeanor prohibitions have a 10 year shelf life and they fall off the list. so, currently we have no backlog in san francisco. the only cases for prohibited persons that we have yet to touch, we received six this month. one has been contacted -- one has been closed. one has said that he no longer has the gun. we have to make him sign a penalty of perjury form. stating that fact we have four that are new yet to talk to. so, of the 516 originally they have all been investigated and monthly we close them out before the end of each month. so, san francisco is current as far as prohibited persons on that list. now,
lazarus and commissioner darryl honda. commissioner hurtado is absent this evening. the deputy city attorney will provide the board with any legal advice i'm cynthia goldstein the board's executive director. we're joined from representatives from the city departments with the cases before us. scott sanchez is here, he is representing the planning department and planning commission. joseph duffy, senior building inspector representing the department of building inspection. john kwong is here and i'm not sure if they are in the room, but i'm expecting representatives from the environmental health section of the department of health. if you could conduct the swearing-in process. >> the board requests that you turn off all phones and pagers so they will not disturb the proceedings. please carry on conversations in the hallways. the board's rules of presentation are as follows, appellants, permit holders and department representatives each have seven minutes to present their cases and three minutes for rebuttals. people affiliated with these parties must include their comments within th
to be a city press years ago. preserving this even in a modified form is important. i am in support. >>: there is a motion and the second for approval with conditions. >> commissioner antonini: aye >> commissioner borden: aye >> commissioner moore: no >> commissioner sugaya: no >> commissioner hillis: aye >> commissioner wu: aye. >>: it passes on a vote of 5-2 with commissioners moore and sugaya dissenting. item 12. >>: good afternoon. -- -- the project was to convert 4000 sq. feet of commercial space. and also reskinned the building. the commissioner approved the project in -- 2012. the charter amendment allowed the reduction of the on-site affordable housing from 15 percent to 12 percent. the projects already entitled but not yet with the first construction permit. the charter amendment also stipulates that the project sponsor must obtain financing within one year of any on-site production approval. in accordance with the charter amendment the project sponsor has submitted a request to amend the conditions of approval to reduce the on-site affordable housing requirement from
an update on that. i know it concerns -- it concerns all of us as city people and taxi riders. >> especially the insurance part. >> especially the insurance part. it worries me to have people getting into these cars with people they have no idea who they are. >> i would second the request on the inspectors. i think one of the sort of promises we made in the industry about raising all this revenue is that we at least use some portion of it for enforcement. you know, i don't know what mr. heely is referring to, but i think rather than speculate who is blocking what, if we can have a report on where we are with hiring enforcement officers, that might be the way to go. >> thank you, director reiskin. [speaker not understood]. >> the consent calendar, these items are considered to be routine and will be acting upon by a single roll call vote unless a member of the public or member of the board wishes to discuss an item separately. mr. chairman, no member of the public has asked that an item be severed, sought matter -- consent calendar is in your hand. >> any member of the board -- in that case c
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